About Us

YuYi Clay (pronounced U-Yi) was founded by Richard Ong, who partnered with Nancy Yiu to introduce the best quality air-dry polymer clay to arts and craft lovers. Through years of trail and error experiments and experience with air dry clay, YuYi’s clay has developed a superior product with the properties that is easy to use and cures at room temperature without heating. YuYi clay uses the best quality materials that are environmentally friendly and do not contain harmful chemicals.

YuYi clay has become well known for creating delicate and elegant flowers as well as figurines. The clay can imprint fine details perfectly and the results transform any creation into the best final artwork.

Realistic clay flowers can be crafted with the special formulated YuYi air-dry polymer clay. This clay art started over two decades ago, has become very popular. The art of crafting realistic flowers using this unique clay works with the combination of sculpting, painting and arranging related with shape, color and composition. YuYi has perfected the clay to bring you the enjoyment of working with the best quality clay, which is pliable, yet pleasant to the touch and keeps your hands moist giving you plenty of time to form your artwork without drying prematurely.